1.) Caused by unfinished BJ's, see Blue Balls
2.) Words to utter to break an awkward silence.
3.) Trying to grab a receipt out of someone's hands, missing, and poking the unsuspecting victims' left testicle instead.
1.) "Oh Yeah, baby!" *approaching footsteps* "Oh, shit!...my parents are home!" Put that back in your pants!
2.) "...." *more silence* "Hey everyone, I have SORE BALLS!"
3.) "Hey Doug!" *quick attempt to grab receipt*...*augh, groaning noises* as Doug lays, holding his crotch, on the floor.
by RandalK January 15, 2007
(N) A gesture used to greet a friend and simultaneously rob him off his dignity. To give "soreballs", you extend your hand for either a handshake or high-five, and at the last second close your hand into a fist and swing into the testicles of your target with enough force to cause them to double-over in pain, but not cause any lasting damage.
When you see a friend talking to a good looking girl, a soreballs is a great way to acknowledge him and also let him know that he's not as cool as he thinks he is.
by SEE-NOTE August 07, 2008

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