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The definition of a leader, hope and speech, to save our youth from the shit the music industry provides us with now. representing KILLUMINATI all day everyday. Tupac was a well guide to soran and the paths for him to take.
"Fuck em all, we need some soran my brotha, hit a track from my boy Tupac, Rakim, Outlawz and B.I.G lets listen to some real Music" MOB Money Over Bitches
by REAL-TALK November 04, 2012
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A cute guy who loves his girlfriend, and makes her laugh. A Soran takes care of the one he loves and considers her to be the greatest thing that could ever happen to him. A Soran is really sweet, funny and intelligent. Whenever you are down, you need a Soran to put you in high spirits again. A Soran can never hurt a girl or makes her cry, a Soran loves everyone and everything. A Soran is something you want.
Soran, Soran, Soran!
by SnickerDoodle101 June 18, 2011
a successful young stud, with a physique of a god and intelligence that make woman wet and spicy
Me and my girls saw a Soran at the club, he was to die for.
by giojgiop February 18, 2015
(Tupac wannaB) that loves 2Pac and cant get over the fact that 2Pac is dead....
stop acting like soran......2Pac is dead you fuck!!!
by Jimmy Jones October 21, 2003

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