Really the laid back year in high school and kids are the nicest. Classic teenagers. The only thing you really need to worry about sophomore year is getting a learners permit and maybe have an idea where you want to go to colllege, but the rest is a pretty easy ride. But you get pounded with a lot of homework that year and your classes are gritty. This is usually the year to read Shakespeare and you usually take an American History and Biology/Chemistry class that year. You may take world too in some schools.

These kids are usually head up your ass teenegers. A lot of dating, teen pregancies, anorexia, etc. The worry of fitting in is not as bad as 9th so you turn into slobs watching Family Guy. This is the age when you like to go old school and start liking classic rock. The teenage classic rock/indie heads are usually sophomores, but you get corporate by junior year.
Oh look at me an head up your ass sophomore watching Family Guy. is a long way.
by Kyle 230 May 04, 2010
sophomore = suffermore

You think that you will suffer less when you go to the second year. You are WROONNNNNG!!!
X: So you are a sophomore.
Y: Indeed, a suffermore
by Adolf Lawliet May 25, 2008
The second album a musical artist puts out.
During the making of a second album, there is generally a lot of pressure to make something bigger and better than the first debut.
That band has come out with a sophomore album.

Musical artists try not to fall into the sophomore slump.
by miso soup addict July 12, 2005
Someone who thinks they are so much better than freshman just because they are 7 months older. They're the reason why freshman have bullying problems. They represent absolutely no authority at all and when asked why they hate freshman they give the stupidest answer, like, "They're annoying"
Freshman graduating: We're not freshman anymore! Yes! Now we can make fun of all the little freshman in 3 months!
Sophomore graduating (By this point they understand): Why?
Freshman graduating: Because they are freshman! Duh!
by LBWR April 13, 2013
Someone who feels super knowledgeable about a particular area of expertise and has little actual experience.
Inappropriately confident about a particular area of expertise.
Often used in the medical field to describe know it all junior coworkers.

Example: "That new emergency room intern is a real sophomore, he has all the answers and no questions".
Basically teenagers behave this way. They know everything until they age into ignorance.
by Sophomore October 12, 2009
The armpit of high school. Literally the least important year of your academic career because no one actually gives a shit. No one remembers sophomore year and nothing happens.
Armpit. Sophomore year is the armpit of high school.
by SavannahRose May 18, 2016
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