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- Sophist-iot {so-fist-iot}
- Noun
- From the English "Sophist" and the English "Idiot"

A person who relies upon the logical fallacy of “Argumentum ad Logicam” to not only suggest an argument is false, but to passively-aggressively defame the individual presenting said argument.

Often associated with college-aged individuals currently (or recently) enrolled in an introduction to logic course, sophistiots troll online communities in the hopes of engaging members in self-affirming argumentation. The sophistiot’s minimal exposure to the concepts of logical argumentation engenders a false sense of “mastery” of the art. In individuals with narcissistic personalities (see Narcissistic Personality Disorder), this minimal exposure to the rhetorical field emboldens their, incorrect, belief in their own intellectual superiority and self worth.
John is such a sophistiot.
by SirKeats November 29, 2006

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