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1. A holiday originating from a you tube fake holiday contest. To celebrate one dresses as dapper as possible (top hats, monocles, etc.) and spends the day acting like a snob and using a fork and knife at every meal regardless of the type of food. It is celebrated on the first Thursday in February.
Chairman: Sophisticus!
All: Hurrah!
by DarkTomatoGod February 02, 2012
A Holiday where people dress up in fancy outfits and wear mustaches and Monocles. This holiday is held every June 15th.
It is often celebrated by drinking continually at pubs. its also known to be celebrated by going to the local strip club and talking as if sophisticated.
You: I say dear sir, let us celebrate Sophisticus.
Friend: Indubitably, old bean.
by Coausti October 16, 2011
An ancient Chinese scholar who was known world wide for his manners and upper-class-id-ness. Used to descibe someone who displays these traits in adjectival or noun form.
Person A: I've seen the musical RENT 45 times.
Person B: Wow, you're rather Sophisticus.
Person C: No, just gay.
by Keenan111 September 30, 2007
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