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A girl who is fat and ugly. She thinks all the guys fancy here but noone does. She is a terrible ice skater who looks like a whale on ice. Says shes intelligent but don't believe her. A backstabbing bitch, not to be trusted. Often associated with a Louise Harrison (a chavvy little girl).
Guy1: "Did you see that Sophie Rowley?"

Guy2: "Was she with a Louise Harrison?"

Guy1: "Yeh"

Guy2: "Yeh I did. Ugly bitches."

Guy1: "Yeh"

Girl1: "So Sophie Rowley was at the ice rink today"

Girl2: "Eww!"

Girl1: "Yeh i know. She started having a go at me so i slapped her"

Girl2: "Such a backstabbing bitch her!"

Girl1: *nodS*
by DanPartington December 30, 2013

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