Soph is a an Australian term typically used for the common bike.

It is believed however, that it received this connotation from an immigrant girl who was far too popular among the locals. As it was said among the men of Melbourne that everyone had ridden her.
"Hey Bruce have you got your Soph? I wanna go for a picnic"

"Hey Bruce, I heard you slept with Stacy damn son she is a proper Soph"
by Keefka July 23, 2009
Top Definition
The shortened version of the word: sophisticated.
Look at that man, he is so soph!
by Momoii August 06, 2010
Short for "sophomore"
-the second year in highschool or college
-sophomore actually meaning "wise fool"
That soph is so cool.
by daniisawesome February 01, 2007
A girl who loves Tokio Hotel and has really cute bangs
person 1: Who bought all the Tokio Hotel shirts from Hot Topic?
person 2: Whoever it is is probably named Soph.
by AvaBZ January 19, 2009
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