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A special avatar as a result of Gaia Online's "April Fools' Day 2004" YGS box event.

Your avatar's face became covered with soot, and it remained for the entire day.

A Sootface will revert to its previous condition after saving changes to the avatar, but some users liked the look and decided to keep it.

This status was intended to be temporary, and therefore CANNOT be recovered after it is gone.

...See also Invisibob, as they are directly related to the Sootface.
Oh no! My Sootface! Curse you, avatar server!
I love my Sootface!
by Kenjoki Ikari January 26, 2005
a black person

usaully very black , looking like they have fallen out of a chimney or rubbed mud into their face
look at that sootface over there , lets get him
by jebadias June 19, 2008
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