1. an almost god-like hot man. generally used to tell someone else about his presence in public, without letting him know you're talking about him. Can also take the place of the words "ridiculously good looking" or "hottie."

"The guy who sits next to me in class...what a sookie."
"Sookie alert"
"You look like such a sookie today."
"What a sook!"
"You're so sookie. It makes me a little irritated."
"He's such a sookie. I want him."
by harlem September 15, 2006
Top Definition
A moderately slutty telepathic fangbanger from the TV show True Blood.
Hey, Sookie, why are reading my mind, you moderately slutty fang-banger?
by thrakorzog November 23, 2009
Sookie, Sukie, Sukee - An easy woman. Easily scored pussy. Cross cultural languages all relatively carry the same meaning. Native languages imply "other pussy" as well as "gullible pussy". All are meant as derogatory toward the one called.
She's my sookie!

I call her sookie and she thinks it's a compliment!
by birdclancreek11 February 18, 2010
verb (pronounced: soo-kay, preferably very intensely and forced)

to rush to places of potential danger, overreact and run your mouth off potentially increasing the danger to yourself and others, and finally screaming until someone who is actually capable of handling the situation arrives to help you.
Person: "Oh no! That person is being mugged I better Sookie! Stop it mean mugger person or... really bad stuff will happen... to you and... your face!"

*mugger slices victims throat and grabs Person*


*The police, a vampire werewolf, or some dude with a gun show up and save Person*
by Eupatorus January 12, 2011
making out, havin sex, and anything else of the sort
I got some sookie last night.
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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