Sonoma is known as "wine country"
but if your really know, sonoma has the best weed around.
Lets go to sonoma and get a fat bag of weed from saint valentine
by turf burrito May 02, 2011
Top Definition
Place in the Bay Area of California, where absolutely nothing happens. Popular with old people, and drunkards due to the vast selection of wine available.
Hey Edna! Let's go to Sonoma this year on vacation. I hear they have great bingo!
by Josh Baker October 15, 2003
When the gods crafted this truck they had one purpose for it: to FuckShitUp. Driven by a huge beauty. If you bring your car to close to the Sonoma, a faint hissing can be heard. This hissing should not be ignored, and you should back the fuck up. Known as the indestructible Sonoma, dubstep must always be played when inside the vehicle. Even The King acknowledges this monster of a vehicle.
I was backing up my Civic, and the Sonoma growled at my Civic and fucking munched on my bumber.
by dopeboyphresh April 30, 2012
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