A Transexual for a really bad band "from first to last"
he has one of the whinest nasaliest vocal cords. And he is a midget. He has an Extreamly Big Nose and is incredibly ugly. he is terrible live and sounds like a crying woman.
"LOLOCAUST! that is bigger then 50 cents!!!"
"Dude, FFTL is terrible. that chick Sonny can not sing!"
"I know what you mean, they're just as bad as MCR"
by vvvvxgxxxg January 31, 2006
Sonny Moore, Lead Vocalist of From First To Last Who has strained his vocal chords one too many times.
Sonny Moore should learn how to sing, Properly.
by That Seph Guy July 06, 2006
Sonny Moore is the lead singer the band "From First To Last" AKA FFTL. They're are adored by girls and boys who think they're "underground" and "hard shit" Sonny Moore however is very short, wears lots of makeup, and is commonly mistaken for a "scene girl".
Sonny Moore is no more then a girl with a guys voice if that.
by Razor3lade December 30, 2005
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