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used in reference to a tee shot in golf that ends up in the woods.
"Man Joeys tee off on the 9th was a total Sonny Bono"
by Dick Slammin since 94 June 08, 2009
The act of running oneself into a pine tree or aspen tree at high speeds while sliding down a snow covered mountain.
Dude! Did you see that guy? He did a total Sony Bono!
by steve April 29, 2003
Sonny Bono is a complete enigma:

A successful songwriter who didn't know anything about it.
A successful singer who couldn't sing.
A successful actor who couldn't act.
A successful politician who didn't know about politics.
Had good-looking wives and he was not.
Died from skiing cuz he wasn't a skier.
We liked him and we don't know why.
Sonny Bono was an icon of some type...
the 60s and 70s?... ya!
by thedzone September 26, 2009
When a woman is "skiing" (giving two guys a handjob) and then a third man smacks her in the head with his erection, hence her getting hit with wood.
Man! Zooey totally looks pissed!

What do you expect, she was at a party this weekend when a couple guys and I totally Sonny Bono'd her!
by bigdaddyC2010 August 07, 2010
A common drink in palm springs generally drank before golf.

The term sonny Bono and a Caesar are interchangeable. Vodka, worchestershire sauce salt pepper and clamato juice make a sonny Bono.
Time for a sonny bono
by Markusdivinicus May 12, 2011
To force yourself to stop by forceing yourself into any near by object(i.e. tree, wall, boulder.) when moveing at high speeds
-OMG Jimmy isn't slowing down going down the hill.
-What do we do?!?!
-I know. Jimmy!!! Listen to me you aren't slowing down, so your gonna have to Sonny Bono it.
by Sebastian April 21, 2004