Derives from the name of an Australian footballer( Rugby League ), Sonny Bill Williams, who recently got caught with a few ecstacy tablets. Rhymes with Pills.
"Hey girls, we're having a big one tonight. Let's get on the Sonny Bill's"
by pensh October 21, 2004
Top Definition
verb. The bone crunching shoulder charge performed by Sonny Bill Williams. Can be performed by other "wannabies" as long as it is acknowleged as being a Sony Bill rather than a hit or shoulder charge.
1.Sonny Bill absolutley Sonny Billed Adrian Morley. It sounded like bone against concrete!
2. Mark O'Meley pulled off a Sonny Bill on Finch and Finch started crying "Mummy Mummy i want to go home... Mummy Mummy i take it up the ass" said Finch and the rest of the Roosters for that matter.
by The Hedonist March 30, 2005
An over-paid bulldogs player. He is entirely useless to the side and has become nothing more then a name related to a shoulder charge.
Salary cap is broken again... Damn you Sonny Bill!
by Yup1 September 18, 2005
Verb - To perform an offload with infallible timing and elegance that benefits the team or group as a whole – reminiscent of that routinely performed by Sonny Bill Williams, of rugby union and rugby league fame.
Bro, can you Sonny Bill me one of those beers please?" or "Well, Susan has a boyfriend so she just Sonny Billed me onto Tina - who's keen as
by SonnyBill December 01, 2010
To break a contract; To walk out on teammates and fans alike like a coward without informing them.

Originated from when former Australian Rugby League player Sonny Bill Williams walked out of the Bulldogs Rugby League club after he was one year into a five year contract. He got on a plane bound for France without informing any of his teammates or fans.
Man #1: Did you here, Garry left the company after he was only half way through his contract. He got an offer from our rival company.

Man #2: He chucked a Sonny Bill!
by JerryA August 11, 2008
Australian Slang For An Ecstasy Tablet
"fuck man, lets get on the sonny bills tonight"
by Sam Marsden December 26, 2006
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