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Sonny Mooreis the lead singer for From first to last and is very sexy. Hes known to be whiny and short. I've seen him in concert and know that he is both but I still love him to death. He is now 18 I believe and comes in at about 5' 4".
Sonny Moore will you sign my boob since your a hott sex bomb and should fuck the entire world!
by Bobbi in the shower April 20, 2006
The lead singer of the band From First to Last, also known as FFTL. He has a large set of lungs on him for being 17, and also being a midget. If I didn't know who he was, I would've thought he was a cookie elf. Yes, he is that short. He's also known for wearing chick pants and massive amounts of eyeliner. All in all, it seems to pay off since almost every teenage girl is swooning over him since he's not legal yet and they can bang him without it looking like another Jilary scandal.
Sonny Moore dresses like a chick, but a hot one nonetheless.
by Staci March 11, 2005
Sonny Moore is the lead vocals from the awesome scream-o band From First To Last, that originates from Florida and California. And all I can say is that he owns your ass. And he looks like my best friend.
Sonny Moore owns your ass.
by Vanessa February 02, 2005
Sonny is in from first to last and is extremely talented. He is also extremly sexy!
sonny moore rocks and so does from first to last.
by jac and anders January 10, 2005
Lead Singer of the band From First to Last who came from both Florida and cali. Makes the sounds of a love song-Emily- and homicide-Ride the Wings of Pestilence- sound totally awesome. and yet he is totally hott.
Sonny Moore is hotter than you'll ever be in your whole life so face it.
by Ride the Wings of Pestilence February 25, 2005
Sonny Moore is the lead singer from the band 'FromFirstToLast'. He has amazing vocals and is GEORGEOUS ! Sonny Moore and Everyone else in From First To Last rock !
They are one of the greatest bands I have ever HEARD !
From First To Last are AWESOME
by x[Jenna]x July 28, 2005
Sonny Moore is the lead singer of the screamo band From First To Last. He's only 5'4" but is 18 years old. (YES, it's 18 now for all you idiots!) He was born on January 15th, 1988. He has an AMAZING set of lungs and there's allways tons of girls swooning over him. (But he's legal now, so you better watch it with him!) Sonny = God.
Sonny Moore ish smexyful.
by Heather Vincent January 17, 2006
Lead singer of From First To Last which is also known as FFTL. He is 17 and 5'4". His birthday is January 15 and he is from California. He has long black hair, snake bites, usually wears eye makeup, and wears tight pants. He is obsessed with Aphex Twin and usually doesnt shower. Every single hormonally crazed girl / gay boy on this planet thinks they have the chance to get in his pants since he isnt 18 yet.
hormonal girl: "Lyyk3 Ohh my g4Wd soNNy Moore toT4lly PWns"
by Ryannnn January 03, 2006