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A name meaning, "speaks softly, hits hard", the name Soniel is of wicked-cool origin. You will often find a Soniel sneaking up on you like a ninja, but smiling so sweetly, that when he pounces, you're happy to be decapitated. If you're on his good side, he will bring you candy and light, and possibly bottle rainbows. Clever, cunning, but cute.
Soniel just totally pwned that guy with his katana! He never saw it coming from a guy that nice.
by wavingthatamber February 05, 2010
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Soniel is the best boyfriend ever ! ♥ he thinks about you before himself and knows how to make you feel beautiful and good about yourself.
He is the most handsome boy you will ever see in your life , very sweet and kind but brutally honest , and tells you what's right and what's wrong.An Unreal Kisser that will make your heart beat so quick but make you blush and melt & is the realest person you'll know.You can talk to him about anything thats on your mind and he is open ears. You would be lucky to have Soniel in your life or sight.
The most amazing person ♥
person 1 : " did you see Soniel ?

person 2 : " he is so handsome ! yes I did I'm so lucky to have him in my sight ! "
by diva121910 December 29, 2010
8 3