A large site devoted to "Sonic the Hedgehog" video games research, that contains large amounts of information.
I used to go post at GameFAQs, but now I to Sonic CulT.
by Salus August 04, 2003
Top Definition
An Awsome Sonic site that gets information before all the tiny site run by n00bs who use proboards.com
Although I probably can't help you in many fields, feel free to PM me on Sonic-CulT. I'm SCANK :D
by SCANK April 03, 2005
A very good site for Sonic the Hedgehog fans. Often on the recieving end of abuse because people are too stupid to read the hugeass "Warning, this is liable to offend" notice on the first page.
Sonic Cult can do this shit because they are better than you.
by YK July 11, 2004
The only place I've seen on the internet where a large number of people made a comment on a picture of a muffin...
Myuutsuu> omg did u c all those fags comment on a muffin on Sonic CuLT?
Woosh> Yeah dude.. my penis is huge.
Myuutsuu> I wasn't talking about your penis :(
by Woosh June 01, 2004
a mixture of hatred, flaming, sonic, and pervertedness all meet. a place thats fun for its fans, but is awful and offnsive to most others.
in my opinion, sonic cult is not a friendly place. therefore, i do not like it
by knuckles1986 June 15, 2004
A site about the betas and stuff of Sonic the Hedgehog games, unfortunately, it is run by a racist little asshole who hates and steals from everybody who he thinks is better than him, which is nearly every other Sonic site in the world.
"Sonic CulT would be a pretty cool site if the guy who ran it was nicer"
by Cyberquad April 04, 2004
Good site, but the forum was better in the past. I always liked the explicit nature of the cult, much better than the SSRG with it's pubescent whining cretins. Seems they've all jumped onto the cult forums now...
by Alc October 15, 2003
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