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noun son·ic boom - \' Sonic Booms, in compounds, past tense = Sonic Banged\

1. A grade of Cannabis Sativa and any derivative of a such plant species or extract forms that are so 'loud' (potent) that it, in fact, breaks the sound barrier making it a far more intense experience than traditional loud packs. That Sonic Boom is the most wicked sticky of all the dub (Rastafarian word for marijuana). The Sonic Boom, ironically, has the potential to render it's user utterly useless and also may allow the user to exceedingly 'turn up'. The sonic Boom is so powerful that others that come within the radius of its handling may cause the party to feel the sensation of having hot-boxed more weed than that of the monkeys of the Dr. Heath/Tulane Study for weeks on end.
A: We vaped some Sonic Boom last weekend, maaaaannn...
B: (interrupts) will you STFU!? You literally told me 100x already! FAAAAAKKK!!!!11!!!!

(a:) Yeah I'm done with the stuff man. Back in Nam the boys and I went off base, a few days before we headed back to the States, to get a little action. Came across some grass and I swear it was laced with LSD. It was the longest plane ride EVER! IT WAS CRAZY!
(b:)Must have been that Sonic Boom......?!..Wait Wait!,, You Do Know You Can't Smoke aci....Never mind, Ig2g

AA:Yeah cuz, I came thru with that Sonic Boom on the love thinking these hoes would would turn up witcha boy.
BB: And what happen?
AA: They dipped out so fast it was nutty...Amanda said she feel like the room.
BB: Word, wtf that mean?
AA: I'ont know cuh, but her homegirl said it took them like 2 days to drive home.

BB:BUAHHHHAHAHHAHAA they still in the driveway.
AA:WHAT!? Today still friday!?
BB: Yeah B.
AA:Shiiii, might as well turn up. You got that herb?
BB: Pshhh, I keeps that Sonic Boom..
AA:Here we go again...
by Man Well February 17, 2013
9 0
A Sonic Boom is an occurrence at Sonic restaurants where many people in the parking lot all honk their horns at the same time. Often, it is performed by stupid high school kids trying to be cool.
Bro 1: why the hell is everyone honking their horns. IM TRYING TO ORDER A SONIC BURGER!

Bro 2: Its a Sonic Boom man!

Bro 1: I see. I am now enlightened.
by LPN March 29, 2010
10 3
When a virgin ejaculates he/she must shout SONIC BOOM otherwise the virginity is still intact.
"Oh fuck baby I'm going to SONIC BOOM"
by roflcopter201 May 23, 2010
6 5
Have sex with on the 4th of July with the wife of a soldier while he is away on duty.
I missed the fireworks last night due to a Sonic Boom.
by DB13 May 07, 2011
8 9
When a group of people smoke out a car (with weed) on the freeway, then everyone opens their windows at the same time causing your ears to pop. All the smoke escapes the car and goes into the vents of the car behind you.
Hey, wanna go for a ride on the freeway and do a sonic boom? I love it when it makes my ears pop.
by Beccaboo827 May 18, 2010
3 4
noun: to perform oral sex (on a male) in the backseat of a car while parked in a Sonic Drive-in.
Ryan, if you get us some free mozzarella sticks, we'll give you a sonic boom!
by emilyboompants June 01, 2010
0 2
gun shots
boy there were some sonic booms dat nite
by Devilish April 27, 2003
2 5
A slapshot that travels at or above the speed of sound. Accompanied by an explosive sound, and on most occasions, a goal.
Mitch wound up and unleashed his sonic boom on the hopeless goaltender.
by Wayne Gretzky. October 14, 2006
9 22