Stupid, funny, makes you laugh your ass off, will kill you if you hurt her feelings, and likes to scam all the guyz ... and their asses!
HOLY SHYT!! that guy has the hottest ass ever ... i sure want that piece of that butt cake!
by ((*ME*)) March 19, 2005
The most beautiful girl ever. Become her best friend and get to know her amazing personality. She is very sweet and the most comfortable person to talk to. If you're lucky, she'll eventually like you.
Dude: Hey man, whats your gf like?
Other dude: She's a sonia, man!
Dude: Aww lucky!!!
by Sp3nc3 B100D September 15, 2012
A chick that is very SEXY also great at making love she has a huge booty that will pleasure that lucky man she loves
also an outgoing chick that always makes you laugh with the ridiculous things she says
sonia loves xavier
by xbabe97 May 12, 2009
A beautiful european girl , she is very careing and kind at heart. She is loud, sexual, crazy and her stupidity makes her friends laugh. She knows how to put a smile on anyones face with her dirty jokes and can always be exactly what you need right when you need it. Sonia's are awesome to hang with because they can make a positive situation out of anything they are truely one of a kind and special in every way they act. Sonia's smile is cute and her eyes have a warm twinkle to them , she has one of the hottest bodies out and likes to flaunt it to her special someone ;) She likes someone at the moment but is actually too shy to say it straight. She is a leader and knows how to get things done but when it comes to love she is lost and needs that "person" to step up and lead the way. She knows how to take a joke but can be very hard on herself and sensitive at times, she will never show it though. She always puts on a brave face for everyone trying not to show how she feels. She gives the best relation ship advice even though she hasnt had a proper one herself. She will put others problems before her own and go out of her way to make her friends feel good about themselves... People seem to judge her on her obvious beauty and assume she has done more then she has - when in reality she hasnt even had her first kiss yet, she is waiting for the right guy to sweep her off her feet.
" Woah who is that?"
" thats sonia"
" she cute as!"
" she is a handful haha :P"
by Annonymousxx April 26, 2012
the finest punjabi princess there is. the best girl in the graphic design field. a dangerous shotokan fighter.
that sonia sure looks sexy when she fights. her style is electrifying, like her design skills.
by gregory March 30, 2005
Chicken! AKA Sony-Girl xxx
A real happening girl.
Bubbly, lively, great fun and a fab mate
and a real tweety-pie xx
She's just soooo funny, and always there for a chat & a giggle
by samuel February 20, 2004
sexually attractive female character in the mortal combat series of video games
Finish Him!... Sonia Wins!
by squidbilly December 16, 2008
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