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freakin HOT, amazing in the sack, freeek-a-leek, sweet, caring, funny, smart....and boooooootylicious :)
mmm mmm...gooooooood
by joe January 05, 2005
The name is Greek in Origin is and means wisdom. The person who holds this name can live up to the reputation or not. I know of only a few Sonia's and they have been awesome people most often friendly to all and kind.
Wise, Sonia, Sonya, Wisdom, Friendly, Reputation, kind
by mWisdo February 05, 2010
A chick that is very SEXY also great at making love she has a huge booty that will pleasure that lucky man she loves
also an outgoing chick that always makes you laugh with the ridiculous things she says
sonia loves xavier
by xbabe97 May 12, 2009
the finest punjabi princess there is. the best girl in the graphic design field. a dangerous shotokan fighter.
that sonia sure looks sexy when she fights. her style is electrifying, like her design skills.
by gregory March 30, 2005
The most beautiful girl ever. Become her best friend and get to know her amazing personality. She is very sweet and the most comfortable person to talk to. If you're lucky, she'll eventually like you.
Dude: Hey man, whats your gf like?
Other dude: She's a sonia, man!
Dude: Aww lucky!!!
by Sp3nc3 B100D September 15, 2012
Chicken! AKA Sony-Girl xxx
A real happening girl.
Bubbly, lively, great fun and a fab mate
and a real tweety-pie xx
She's just soooo funny, and always there for a chat & a giggle
by samuel February 20, 2004
sexually attractive female character in the mortal combat series of video games
Finish Him!... Sonia Wins!
by squidbilly December 16, 2008
A beautiful girl from Portugal who is bilingual, pretty, smart, friendly, charming, and mostly nice. This one is a thin person.
Check out Sonia. Yeah she's beautiful
by anonymous February 13, 2004