sonia is a girl who is my angel send y god..prefect in everyway and someone u love loving
wow look shez a sonia
by harpal December 23, 2005
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Sonia is a gorgeous masterpiece created by God to bring beauty into this world and get rid of ugly people.
Gosh there's so many ugly people here, where's Sonia when you need Her.
by Sonia July 02, 2004
freakin HOT, amazing in the sack, freeek-a-leek, sweet, caring, funny, smart....and boooooootylicious :)
mmm mmm...gooooooood
by joe January 05, 2005
a girl that is cool, smart, fun to be around, and always there to help ... you know what i mean wink.wink she is so hot! and the thing everyone loves about her is her ASS!! fuck yea .. that thing can bounce you out ... and you can grab it all day!
Sonia ... come help me in the bathroom?!
by SoMeOnE.Hu.LuVz.YoOh March 30, 2005
a complete goofball whom i love to death! shes so cute, funny and a prankster! my best friend forever!
sonia put icy hot on a teachers chair in 7th grade
by rylie April 14, 2004
The name is Greek in Origin is and means wisdom. The person who holds this name can live up to the reputation or not. I know of only a few Sonia's and they have been awesome people most often friendly to all and kind.
Wise, Sonia, Sonya, Wisdom, Friendly, Reputation, kind
by mWisdo February 05, 2010
An utterly amazing, too beautiful for words girl. Sonia is basically a figure sent from the heavens with her small, slender body and her radiant beauty.
Damn, that girl over there is sexy! She must be a Sonia...
by ValentinaMegan June 20, 2010
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