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When you are flipping through your iPod or other song media and you can't seem to find a song that fits the mood you are in and you keep skipping to the next song.
"I can't pick a song! I have Song A.D.D.!"
by TheBigBoy January 01, 2008
Someone who constantly changes songs after only a few seconds listening to one. Can get pretty annoying.
I got pissed at Kayla because she kept switching songs, she has a bad case of song ADD.
by Coral REEFAH December 02, 2008
when a person cannot choose one song for more then thirty seconds. usually due to being stoned at that time.
Gabbie: India, cant you just pick once song? im tired of only hearing the opening chords!
India: Sorry dude, i got song ADD really bad!
Jake: Thats whet she said!
by beatlesgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllll March 22, 2010
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