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a baby tiger.
That sonali will be fierce when it grows up.
by Priankster February 06, 2009
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She is the most beautiful girl in the world, she is smart, nice, funny. Her smile is the cutest thing ever. She knows how to have a good time. She can be slutty but hard to get, which every guy crave. I swear to god she has the biggest ass and the best pair of rack. She is hot and sexy, my jaw drop everytime she walks by. My life changed since she moved to texas. Only if she wasnt taken.
person 1: Look at that girl, she looks like a Sonali.
Person 2: No one is gonna be as good as Sonali.
Person1: True , but excuse me while i jerk off to that thought.
by teamedward03 April 14, 2013
1. your use of facebook emoticon is exponentially high.

2. you have a natural affinity to make wierd facial gestures for the simple reason being that you can

3. your nickname is captain attitude

4. you have a sick obsession with kushboo
One can find a sonali in the library or at garba chillin in the corner either talking about kushboo, giving attitude like its their job, at the library doing absolutely nothing, or even drawing emoticon on people.
by cptattitude September 28, 2011
Someone who always wants things there way and will steal, hit and threaten people.
No one is going to hang out with you if you act so Sonali.
by Billy the Triangle January 18, 2015
an Indian puma
Did you see that sonali necking with the asian boy?
by sonali victim March 02, 2009

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