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Military Stalker
Damn Lt. Travis, you got a somerville on your case
by daviebhoy July 11, 2011
16 11
Most densely packed city in New England, where gentrification is cleverly disguised as "beautifying the city." Where you can forfeit an entire salary on parking tickets alone. Where yuppies hold forum on the dire need for more coffee shops, where an entire arts display under a decrepit bridge was once pillaged overnight, where you can find every ethnicity on the face of the earth, where Davis square has become the mecca of yuppiedom, where Ikea will inevitably lure more traffic than an 18-wheeler jackknife at rush hour, where the most disturbing and bizarre crimes occur, and where Barack Obama once lived.
Yuppie - After having lived in Somerville for a total of 8 months, reading a few Somerville Journal and Wikipedia articles, and having a firmly vague grasp on the history of 'my' city, I shall make a hip definition to liberate the once somerville-barren urban dictionary.
by Firescape November 01, 2009
67 15
Somerville, MA, is a geographically small (but most densely-populated space in New England) area bordering Cambridge, MA, five minutes from downtown Boston. During the 1950s, it became a student refuge from Cambridge real estate prices (Somerville is a minutes walk to Harvard) and a haven for immigrants and blue collar workers. Within the last twenty years, Somerville housing has skyrocketed and is now seen as one of the hippest and most cosmopolitan places to live in the Boston area, as excellent bars, nightclubs, and restaurants proliferate the areas around Porter, Davis, Union, and Inman squares. In turn, the higher real estate prices have dislocated former renters near the major squares, forcing them farther from downtown Boston. The city also has a proportionally high population of Brazilian and Portuguese immigrants.
Going to an awesome rodizio tonight in Somerville.
by artsettechniques September 03, 2009
43 28
A very small town in north-central Alabama that nobody has heard of. Small population that consists of rednecks and farms.
Somerville is the best place to be during 4th of July
by Alabamaftw March 15, 2011
6 19