The finest town in all of North America. People here possess the best qualities of any humans on the face of the earth. Somersetians tend to stay within the confines of this rustic community. It's inhabitants favorite color tends to be Realtree or Mossy Oak, and their main form of transportation is generally a truck, ATV, or boat. Somersetians hold a rather country accent and are the most stubborn son-of-a-bitches you will ever come across. They find it proper and acceptable to wear boots in all occasians and take bowhunting and fishing to extreme and perfect levels. They tend to love country music, woodshop, and beer.

The most upstanding member of this town is referred to as "somerset" and spends the majority of his time at Somerset Candy Company and with his Uncle Steve. He is Taylor Swift's future husband and he packs some serious heat south-of-the-border.

Somerset is the greatest place on earth, I wish everyone could live here and never leave.
by Somerset April 08, 2009
A boring, rich, upper class town in a rural part of central New Jersey, full of doctors, lawyers, accountants, college professors and other people who think they’re hot shit. Few people know about Somerset, and often think the town only contains normal sized middle class homes that they see on the main road of Easton Avenue. That’s because years ago Somerset consisted only of farm land and a few normal homes. Year’s later developers came and bought up acres and acres of farm land and built big expensive homes, bringing in the rich, snobby crowd that makes Somerset what it is today. Unlike other rich towns in New Jersey, Somerset is actually a very diverse town that contains a lot of black people who also have money like their white counterparts. A majority of kids from the town are spoiled and a lot of them try to act like they’re tough thugs from the rough streets. When in actuality the only dangerous thing to worry about is hitting a deer crossing the road. The town also contains a numerous amount of hot girls that can be seen on a day to day basis usually driving their mommies and daddies BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Acura or Lexus with no place to go.
Tom: "Who was that hot girl doing lines of coke in her BMW M3?"

Tara: "Oh, thats Lisa, she lives in Somerset, she's that snobby bitch I told you about whose loser brother thinks he's a gang banger. I fucking hate people from Somerset."
by Tom K August 01, 2005
Somerset is a county located somewhere in the South West of England. No-one really knows where it is as it is a flat and boring area that the rest of Britain drives through on the M5 whilst on the way to nice places such as Devon or Cornwall. They are responsible for the invention of cider and worship it like a god. The Wurzels came from there but nobody gives a shit. The rednecks/hill-billies of England.
It was more disgusting than the back of a Somerset pub.
by JamsPM October 28, 2011
A place in NJ that people think only right people live there but they are not rich rich, just wealthy...sort of.
Man those cocky fags probably live in Somerset
by Battlegroundz May 29, 2005
a large cock, also a small town in Southeastern Mass., but usually a large cock.
I suck somerset.
You suck somerset.
by the rabbi March 30, 2005

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