The greatest county in England, in which:

Everybody drives some form of combine harvester. (pronounced 'ombin arvistrr)
Cows outnumber humans.
Tractors (pronnounced tra-urs) outnumber cars.
~Oo-arr mate, I live in Zummerseh inni!

*You live in Somerset, but you can't pronnounce it!?

by Lollage May 23, 2008
Top Definition
noun (Sum-ehr-seht): The best county in England and the origin of cider and the word grrt (meaning great or large). Never should the word be used to describe cock, seeing as the people are the possibly the best people on the planet, bar Jamaicans.
Going to Somerset? They do good home-brewed cider, if that tempts you?
by Josh Turnbull June 26, 2005
The best english county (and apparently some shit place in america, but dont let that put you off from visiting somerset friends from abroad). Gave the world cider, the flushing toilet, cheddar cheese (the best kind of cheese bar none! If its from somerset and not some knock off stuff anyway) and the combine harvester! People struggle to understand the somerset people due to their thick accents except people from somerset and people from a small west indian island who, by coincidence, have the same accent). There is a large celtic influence in somerset from Wales and Cornwall hence why the area (or westcountry, including devon/cornwall) is a lot more like Wales than the rest of England. However, unfortunately, somerset is close to Bristol, who share our accent, tarring the reputation of our great county.
It is home of the world renowned glastonbury music festival which attracts hundreds of thousands of music lovers to some blokes field who produces milk for the rest of the year. Although this is not actually in Glastonbury, rather Worthy farm in Pilton, Glastonbury is a hippy town with a big hill and some stupid half castle that King Arthur supposedly lived in. Yawn.
Person from London: Hello good chap.
Person from Somerset: Arryte moi babber, ow b aahn?
Person from London: I beg your pardon?
Person from Somerset: Hehehe.
by Ciderboy February 18, 2009
She's beautiful and always there for her friends, she loves to be at home with her family but I crazyy with her friends. Somersets are know to have one special person in there life that they with never forget, they share hobbies and opions that they have in comman. Somerset is know to have a perfect figure and her personality is amazing. Anyone who doesn't know a Somerset is missing out big time
Q:Have you heared about somerset?
A:The gorgeous girl?
by mileymiles123 November 21, 2012
A small town in Kentucky that is humid and mostly farm land. The population of livestock may just be greater than the population of human. Jobs are hard to get, and even harder to keep. You keep climbing but never seem to get anywhere here.
Been working all day long, and I dont have a dime to my name. I must be in somerset.
by Born offire July 01, 2009
The finest town in all of North America. People here possess the best qualities of any humans on the face of the earth. Somersetians tend to stay within the confines of this rustic community. It's inhabitants favorite color tends to be Realtree or Mossy Oak, and their main form of transportation is generally a truck, ATV, or boat. Somersetians hold a rather country accent and are the most stubborn son-of-a-bitches you will ever come across. They find it proper and acceptable to wear boots in all occasians and take bowhunting and fishing to extreme and perfect levels. They tend to love country music, woodshop, and beer.

The most upstanding member of this town is referred to as "somerset" and spends the majority of his time at Somerset Candy Company and with his Uncle Steve. He is Taylor Swift's future husband and he packs some serious heat south-of-the-border.

Somerset is the greatest place on earth, I wish everyone could live here and never leave.
by Somerset April 08, 2009
the act of taking an ice cream cone filled with ice cream and jamming a males testicles into it, thus far making the testicles very cold, then the girl uses the cone as a handle while giving the male oral sex.
My girlfriend gave me a somerset last night, so when i woke up this morning my balls were sticky, cold, and sore, it was one of the best things ever.
by DOGANTHE1 April 15, 2011
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