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Acronym for the saying "Suck on my balls"
Hey Damien....SOMB!
by jgibbles June 21, 2010
Literally, Suck on my Ball Sack
Trevor: Yo dude go get me a beer!
Mike: Um.. sombs, you lazy asshole
by Dakicka June 27, 2009
Skim Online Message Board: A website designated to Skimboarding and Skim Media. It has lots of hot girls too.
SOMB: Cool Story Bro
by Sheffyshrf August 15, 2009
Suck On My Balls. usually used in an dominance term. Either angrily or after a competition. usually said after beating someone by a large amount in a video game.

"player 1" oh yeah i beet you again at Mario kart
"player 2" like i care
"player 1" SOMB *does a random dance while waving hands round his crotch*

As demontrated in pure pwnage episode 10
by Michael (Mullet) Emmett May 20, 2006
suck on my balls, suck somb somb
joe was pissin me off so i told him to somb
by jomamazilla November 04, 2007
Very clever acronym for Suck on my balls!
Hey mofo, you can S.O.M.B.!
by NeonDust December 11, 2006