'suck on my schlong'... telling another to suck on your dick, could be used as a joke
here are your options buddy: go to the game with me, go to the movies, or SOMS
by blackhawkdragon August 16, 2010
Top Definition
It's a Thai word meaning orange. When Thai people says "Som lon" or "orange falls", it's also a slang meaning you're having a very good luck.
If you won this lottery ticket, it was just like a big 'Som lon' on you.
by Thai elite February 05, 2010
State of Mind
Silicon Valley is not a place, it's a SoM.
by GPhone June 28, 2010
Short on money
Damn, I really want that laptop but I'm SOM.
by PSUpdates November 02, 2011
Means "SHIT ON ME" used often in gay sex
"Dude just SOM, my chest has been dry lately and rub it in after you've excreted."
by tania hernandez February 24, 2008
In the same family as LOL but much, much cooler. SOM stands for Shit On Myself. Because LOL is played out so bad SOM has started taking instant messengers by storm by way of hilarious imagery to the person that made the funny comment.

Joe: Dude we stuck a Hot Dog in Bud's mouth when he passed out last night and took pictures, total chief!

Jimmy: SOM
by Josh Thompson July 27, 2006
Song Of Moment.

An acronym which defines a song that is fitting for the moment. Used to create the idea of a "real life modern day musical" using songs from any musical artist.

Songs can be sung out loud, written as certain lines or verses, or sent as a link.
Text Message- "Hey, I miss you and I really want to see you."

Text Message- "Come on over baby! SOM *link to Christina Aguilera- Come On Over (All I Want Is You)* "
by intricid6 October 03, 2013

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