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The type of jawdroppingly attractive girl you see on a hot day when the sun comes out. Never seen or heard in a drab environment, the Solar Powered Girl is simply evoked by cloudless skies and hot weather. Often causing much cooing and elbow nudging, they can be hazardous to men driving vehicles, particularly white vans.

Many women not quite on the same level as a Solar Powered Girl regularly attempt to disguise themselves as one by wearing large, face-hiding sunglasses.
Example 1.

Guy 1: "Weather's looking awesome...there's bound to be some Solar Powered Girls out today!"

Guy 2: "Yeah but take care we may see a few decievers out there".

Example 2.
(Everyone turns around to see the source of loud noise)

"It's just some white van driver beeping his horn at the Solar Powered Girls."
by alabamawhiskeyjar May 06, 2010
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