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The act of getting a group of men and jerking off into a condom, and the last one to finish must then shit into the condom and drink it.
Dude John, Jim, Bob, and I had a Soggy Martini sesh the other day and Jim lost!
by Cowboy98 July 03, 2012
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Soggy Martini is where a group of guys jack off into a martini glass, the guy with biggest load wins, the guy with smallest load looses and gets the entire glass of cum poured on his head.
We were sitting around bored & decided to jack off. After some fluffing & some handjobs & blowjobs, Jack ended up with the smallest he ended up with a soggy martini...the glass of cum got poured over his head.
by Stewie696969 April 03, 2011
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