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A tepid and dull individual, feigning disinterest in order to conceal a lack of verve.
After multiple failed attempts at loosening Sally up, the gentleman halted his efforts and deemed her a soggy noodle.
by MoonBeamFrog April 06, 2011
2. Limp dick.

see also: impotence, viagra, cialis
"Dude, I was trying to get it on with Shananiquay, but all I could muster was a soggynoodle."
by Jenny February 07, 2005
A famous postwhore on I-club. One who post just to post.
See postwhore.
Dude, don't be a soggynoodles on this forum too.
by Jenny December 28, 2004
A diarehtic expulsion of chicken product.
"I went to KFC last night and it didn't sit well. I'm going to be doing a soggynoodle all day long."
by Jenny February 07, 2005
A penis which is wet due to failure to achieve an erection during a blow job.
A woman gives a man a blow job, but he remains flaccid. Since his penis is wet and limp it is similar to a soggy noodle.
by F. D. Hall November 26, 2007