ejaculating in someones ass and letting it ooze
When a guy blows a load in a girls asshole and she squats down and lets it drip out slowly like soft serve icecream.
by Mike cometzo December 09, 2009
The act of having horrible fire ass, and spilling out what appears to be a delicoius chocolate twisty.
I drank highlife 40's last night till 3 am.. Got up this morning , tried to fart, and filled my boxers like a waffle cone and softserve!
by Hank Reed March 01, 2005
-The act of losing an erection, with a girl with a ginormous ass.

Come on Lemming I didn't order soft serve!
by Erock November 12, 2004
The sexual act of defecating a malleable stool into your partners mouth.
Dude, last night I had spicy chili for dinner and for desert I gave my girlfriend a chocolate soft serve in bed.
by Fangina October 19, 2007
term used in folkstyle (high school, not WWE shit)wrestling to describe someone who lacks mental toughness
That kids a scrub! He's soft serve.
by snorgle December 07, 2003
A guy squats, while his girl sits beneath him with an ice cream cone. The girl then proceeds to pull on the guy's erect unit as if she were pulling the lever on a soft serve ice cream dispenser. Once the "lever" is pulled, the guy releases his soft serve-like doodoo into her ice cream cone. She then can get "whipped cream" to top her soft serve by jacking off/blowing the guy. At this point, it's up to the guy to decide whether she eats it or not, but she at least has to lick it.
"I gave my bitch some of my chocolate nut fudge soft serve last night."
by Pilotwings87 October 22, 2007
Showing you live in Brighton
<?> /me practises soft serve ;()
by informer May 11, 2003

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