A way in which icecream can be served.
I went to McDonalds and bought a soft serve icecream.
by MichaelO June 22, 2005
The act of having sex with a flaccid penis
"It doesnt matter that i am impotent. My girlfriend loves it when I give her the soft serve! And it feels better too!!"
#tcby shiver #flaccid #impotence #sex #weiner
by DaboShabba October 02, 2013
When a man attempts to have intercourse with you, without being fully erect. Usally occurs after consuming mass quantities of alcohol and/or illegal drugs.
" How did it go with Phil last night?"

"Things were getting really hot, then he tried to give me a soft serve. I got dressed and left."
#softserve #ice cream #flacid #erection #intercourse
by Sister Golden Hair Suprise January 12, 2010
When a man has an orgasm deep inside a girls ass
Soft serve on my cock
#anus #butt #rectum #booty #sex
by King Chilie September 28, 2015
What bro hasn't had a drunken sexual encounter, where no matter how said bro tries, they're too fucked up to make shit work. That is softserve.- A more acceptable, and encompassing synonym for whiskey dick.
Bro 1: Dude, I heard you hooked up with that girl from the party, how was it?
Bro 2: Shitty man, after I shotgunned that 4loko, I couldn't get my mind right. She was hot, and I wanted to get hard, but it was total softserve.
#softserve #whiskey dick #ice cream #boner #fail
by chris7ian November 30, 2010
love exchange between bestfriends :)
Brendan: Hey Jonathan!!
Jonathan: Brendan Softserve
Brendan: Yes softserve!
#love #chocolate #icecream #brendan #jonathan #megann #kelsey #zach
by yohan :) November 17, 2010
A guy squats, while his girl sits beneath him with an ice cream cone. The girl then proceeds to pull on the guy's erect unit as if she were pulling the lever on a soft serve ice cream dispenser. Once the "lever" is pulled, the guy releases his soft serve-like doodoo into her ice cream cone. She then can get "whipped cream" to top her soft serve by jacking off/blowing the guy. At this point, it's up to the guy to decide whether she eats it or not, but she at least has to lick it.
"I gave my bitch some of my chocolate nut fudge soft serve last night."
#chocolate #nut #fudge #soft #serve #poop #doodoo #ice #whipped #cream #feces #fecal matter
by Pilotwings87 November 09, 2007
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