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A bracelet made by obtaining the round blue seal from the top of soda caps, Cutting out the middle, and then stretching them out into a bracelet.
These are said to be 'Make-out' bracelets, and when someone brakes one of of you, you make out with them.
Person A: You broke my Soda Seal Bracelet!
Person B: Oops! Lets go make out!
Person A: Okay!

by Wisp_13 September 19, 2004
also known as fuck-me bracelets

When the top of a soda bottle cap's blue seal is taken out. Then the middle is removed, and the bracelet is stretched to fit around one's wrist.

If you're wearing one and someone rips it off, it means you have to do the dirty with them.
I don't wear soda seal bracelets, they'd make me look like a skank.
by imaprettycoolbrunette January 30, 2005

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