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The process of when a male proceeds to ejaculate (bust a nut) into a standard tube-sock. The sock is then stored in a safe place for later use. This activity is typically popular among the prison-inmate population.
"Tyrone was so horney that he made a sock baby in his cell, he then hid the sock under his pillow for later violation".
by Gil-Dawg July 21, 2008
Term used by U.S. Navy Sailors who pull a sock over their penis, begin to masturbate, and ejaculate into the sock.
I heard Petty Officer Evers making sock babies last night.
by navy_squid June 10, 2008
n: an infant version of the sock people; usually taken care of by honkies
That sockbaby... is a sockbaby Jesus. Sock Savior to the Sock people, and I've come.. TO TAKE IT!

-Davis, alien
by MTSkull February 22, 2004
Sock Babies are produced when a man without any premaditated thought begins to jerk off while watching some exercise infomercial or some soft core porn at 2 am. Right when he's about to climax he realizes he has no towel or kleenex so he takes off his sock and blows his load in that.
Hey Dino can i borrow a pair of socks for soccer tonight? Do you have a pair without sock babies?
by leilin March 09, 2005