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the kind of guy who comes home from a long day of work, his feet have been sweating all day, his socks are ripe with the pungent aroma of stale milk and wet leather, and after he finally sits down and takes his socks off, but just before he throws them in the hamper, he takes a quick sniff to sample his odors.
Bill O'Reilly is a sock-sniffer
by ziga September 28, 2005
24 13

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1. One who, after a long day of work, sniffs their socks to sample their odors.
2. Bill O' Rilley.
My science teacher is really creepy, I bet he's a sock sniffer.
by David Henry November 09, 2005
30 21
someone who samples their own odor
sock sniffer; taking your shoe off and putting your foot to your nose; wiping your ass and putting the toilet paper to your nose
by the last mr. biggs November 19, 2007
9 2
Someone who goes home and smells their socks to confirm how "hard they worked"
"dude, john is a dirty sock sniffer"

"i know, he thinks he did sooo much today"
by B00zehound817 September 23, 2009
6 1