(noun) a subject often taught by leftist college professors and used as a soap box to spew liberal propaganda about "The Man" keeping them down.
I just took a course on sociology, and now I want to overthrow something because my professor knows all. I must do his bidding.
by Pat March 28, 2004
a subject taught by stoners and paedophiles
im a sociology teacher, man i love being stoned and eyeing up girls

e.g. "That Morgan, what a treat."
"I need a spliff... I mean photocopy some work"
by mr harley March 24, 2007
A very, very, VERY difficult subject that only clever people can study. It is a completely rational and academic subject to study.
"WOW! You study sociology?? I am in awe of you..."
by Jennybean5 May 09, 2006

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