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Study in society, that possibly can be best used in the corrections system.
I am a soc. major and I am focusing on the prison system and more specifically drug offenders. I believe treatment whould be the first option seeing as it is less espensive than the prison system and has shown to be more effective because of less repeat offenders.
by Dustin April 03, 2005
58 53
a bullshit social science that often tries to pretend to know something about statistics.
My model can't identify anything worth shit... maybe I can turn it into Sociology?
by Mark the Blogger April 05, 2005
151 148
The study of various groups within a societal structure that determines the reasons why those groups exist within said societal structure. Simply put, sociology tries to make sense out of why people do what they do in the society they live in, but it's not all-inclusive, nor does sociology explain every single detail. It's an educated guess.
Karl Marx believed very firmly in the conflictive theory of sociology, and that is because he was very communistic in his thinking, whereas, my take is more functionalist, because I believe that people are in this society to serve various functions, and those functions they serve are overall better for the society as a whole, and it brings the person contributing a sense of greater satisfaction knowing that they have contributed to a greater good.
by GraphicArtist2KForever January 22, 2004
73 71
The study of human sociable behaviour, origins institutions and developent of human society.
similar to psychology
by Na January 23, 2004
52 60
Area of study relating to human behavior, culture, and understanding why people are the way they are, Upon acquiring sociological knowledge, one tends to alienate everyone around them, and is often misunderstood
Sociologist:"See you're view on reality is purly cognative"

Idiot:"You're mom's cognative"

S:"Thats sociology for ya,idiots"

by pissinyocherios January 31, 2009
13 28
Yet another BS major for that people who can't handle real science, mathematics, or engineering classes.
Every chick not in education is in sociology.
by TehTruth July 28, 2005
165 180
(noun) a subject often taught by leftist college professors and used as a soap box to spew liberal propaganda about "The Man" keeping them down.
I just took a course on sociology, and now I want to overthrow something because my professor knows all. I must do his bidding.
by Pat March 28, 2004
121 141