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Sociobanism- A word, phrase, idea, image, or concept that originates from the internet that that when referenced outside of the web creates an undesired social effect, such as group-wide shunning, usually stemming from people not understanding the reference, or the reference being understood and seen as
unsuitable for the current context.
John realized he had made a sociobanism when his pastor was speaking of Moses parting the Red Sea and John, lost in the moment, yelled that Mosas was the original goatse.

John had committed his second sociobanism of the week when he wrote his English final in “lolspeak”.

John secured his spot in hell through the his third sociobanism of the week when he asked the wife of a man in a coma if her husband always "potato'd when he snarfalarkus'd".
by Psyoon February 07, 2012

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