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A person who is the single biggest mega-bitch of them all. A person who hates everyone that is good and, and in doing this dampers the entire social environment around them. they talk shit about you in front of your friends and then talk shit about your friends around you. A person who is so socially unacceptable that you reminisce about blunt force trauma when they say anything within a 10 foot radius of you. You don't want to hurt this person your self, they don't deserve being hurt by mortals. Some fate sent down by the gods will suffice. this is not a very curable disease, but someday we may find a cure.
Person 1: "God he is such a narrcissist."
Person 2: "No, he is a really good friend of mine."
Person 1: "Oh. I hate him. He thinks he is cool and smart, when actually he is dumb."
Person 2: "He is smarter than you."
Person 1: "Yea, well your pants are for girls."
Person 2: "Your a Socially Disabilitated Bitch."
by wyomingboy1900 October 08, 2009
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