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A derisive American term usually used by conservatives to describe liberals, usually being the case of a Conservative Republican attacking the ideology of the Liberal Democrats. The term is an abridgement between the words "socialist" and "democrat" hence the result "Socialist-crat". Many Republicans view Democrats as socialist. Based on their tendency to enlarge the size of the Federal Government, increase taxes and a common agenda of vast social programs meant to help underachievers. Republican ideology teaches individual and personal responsibility unlike the Democrat's ideology of social freedoms with government oversight hence the term "Liberal".
He is a Socialistcrat who supports Affirmative Action which elicits a federal mandate that requires the hiring of individuals based on their ethnic heritage rather than their educational achievement and natural talent. This practice is commonly seen as a socialist program whose support is strong among Democrats and frowned on by Republicans.
by RomanMustafa March 26, 2007
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