Used for when a person has to evaluate how many friends he/she has or how close they are to him/her
Good social life= lots friends
alright social life= has friends but they arent close
bad socail ife= probably no friends, or none of them will talk to you
by screwthe world February 18, 2006
Top Definition
You probably don't have one if you are online reading this now.
You don't have a social life.
by Jnelsonmarka March 18, 2007
torture dressed as fun
Don't mind the ribbing man, it's just that social life...
by wriggler February 21, 2005
A social life is a serious condition that involves an excessive amount of time spent with others. Some symptoms include friendships, partying, sexual relationships, and sexual intercourse. Social lives are dangerous because they can create a loss of video game progress, an important form of development, and they cause a gradual loss of fine-motor skills that are critical for gaming. People with a social life often drink excessively, which can cause a higher amount of alcohol in the blood. Sexual intercourse can dangerously result in sexually-transmitted diseases. These are just some of the many symptoms of a social life.

Diagnostic Criteria

The sufferer is often referred to as a "noob" in online games.

The sufferer spends too much time with others.

The sufferer has stopped masturbating as much.

The sufferer has a compulsion to spend time with others.

If you, or someone you know online is suffering from a social life, do not worry, there are many therapeutic procedures that can cure the victim of a social life. One method of therapy is online gaming. The sufferer will quickly lose the social life. Another method of therapy is Internet pornography. These are just some of the many procedures to cure a social life. A social life is a serious condition that can be easily cured.
John got a girlfriend, so rapid intervention was imperative to cure him of a social life.
by Jack41EL November 28, 2013
What a lot of facebook users/video game addicted people, (especially males), lack. A social life may include, but is not limited to: Partying - shopping/chilling at the mall - generally just hanging out with friends/dating - going to a gym - having family gatherings - playing sports whether for a league or just traditionally - having hobbies besides sports such as yoga, playing cards.. etc.. A social life is something that can help solve the ever growing issue of facebook/videogame addiction that can turn one into a shut in that never leaves the house.
Facebook apps are so addicting, that's all I do now-uh-days besides work. I have no social life!!
by Michael Schmoe September 12, 2012
Social Life is comprised of an array of social activities as carried out by the Party Management, an organization that, by definition, uses the party/mingling expertise of its members to have the highest level of fun, every day, every night.
The members of such distinguished organization are the following:

Pavi S.
NatJoh J.
Pauline R.
Belen M
Moe Zk
Roxy S.
Ak K
Goey S.
Danish K.
Selene T.
Thiago C.
Hamza Z.
Hisham E.
Tiago S.
D: Don't you envy the Social Life they have?

A: Who? The Party Management kids? Yes, yes I do.
by BDub Xlr8 March 04, 2009
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