A person who is extremly attractive, and cares way too much about their social life and disregards everything else.
If you look thourgh his phone all you see are party invites...he is a social nerd!
by OMgitsnipote May 27, 2010
Top Definition
An admitted nerd by any standards who maintains a public lifestyle despite preferring nerd-like activities.
John just picked up his comic subscriptions with his gorgeous girlfriend and is heading to the nightclub downtown. What an incredibly social nerd.
by TheSocialNerd July 29, 2010
The Social Nerd are rare species that have the genetic mutations of both nerds and socialites. They keep to themselves at the end of every four month period (a.k.a. Nerding Period), However they rock-out with their cock outs at other times of the year disregarding most academic related responsibilities. A midst the Nerding Period, the Social Nerds will flock to one central location, the LIB where they gain the ability to cram, and learn the whole term's course in a week.
"I thought Jimmy was always down to go out for drinks."
"Nahhh it's Nerding Period, he's been at the LIB! I haven't seen him all week long"
"Damn I didn't know he was a Social Nerd"
by SocialisticNerd April 15, 2014

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