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Usually a group of people on a social network who write completly negative and ignorant slander about a person or thing, usually about something they've never encountered or know about, to either fit in, or to join in with a mob of negative idiotic people to rant about someone or something they know little about
**19 year old deleware man charged with molestation of 15 yr old girl now has to register as sex offender **

Person1: Ew omg I went to school with this disgusting kid

Person2: This guy needs to die

Person3: Yeah I hope they rape him in prison over and over, how disgusting

Person4: What is this a fuckin social lynch mob? If a really hot 15 yr old wanted to fuck you, even if there's a chance her parents might get upset and want to press charges bc of the age difference, garuntee you'd give her the D
by Da trueff September 26, 2013
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