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A Social democrat is a centre-leftist or libertarian leftist, who supports a mixed economy with some government regulation on essential services or government ownership, in order to prevent corperat abuse of these services. Social democrats also support environment regulation, public education to level out the playing field, and social programes to help the less fortunate become better off.
Social democrats include Canada's NDP and many Northern European governments, which contributed to Northern Europe's modern Hight standard of living.
by Secular leftist October 01, 2005
Another word for communism
Person 1: Layne says he's a social democrat

Person2: Nah he's really just a communist
by Narp746543 June 20, 2016
some one who beileves in a bigger goverment. social democrats beileve in taxing on a state level and spending on a federal level. taxing usauly on income
Europes economy is run by these types of libreals.
by John H April 10, 2005
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