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Women over the age of 55 who refuse to wear a bra. The woman is usually a dirty Hippy and fails to realize the 60's have been over for several decades.
Maude's Social Securitits were on display for all to see when she arrived at the BINGO parlor wearing a trendy shirt, but no bra. The sag was unbearable to watch.
by RoyalecheeseMoosemom March 28, 2012
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Social Securitit is a reference pertaining to the money tax payers make that is stolen from them by men and women who don't have disabilities severe enough to actually get free money every month, but some how manage it.

The Social Securitit is the section of the social security office that is taken advantage of by people who live well above their means, it's an open nipple, squirting it's free milk for mooching users who also usually do some sort of side work that involves no labor of any sort and usually without paying taxes. Truly, the Social Securitit is the real victim here.
I just got the new x-box fall out! The graphics are sweeeet.

Oh man, I wish I could afford that on my pay check but I have to use that for rent. How'd you afford that?

Oh, my disability.

Ugh, man, you should really stop sucking off the Social Securitit.
by tsunbot November 02, 2010
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