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An act, typically by extremely extroverted social climbers that involves the filling of a void in their social lives and/or social circle with a person(s).

**In most cases this requires the replacement (whether it be temporary or permanent) to emulate at least 3 core traits of the original spot-holder.
Socialite #1
"so I heard through the grapevine Jenna is hanging out with that Skylar chick now that her and Kelly had a falling out...whats up with that...she said she hated her and thought she was fake bitch...?"

Socialite #2
"well, you know how it outsourcing: For those times you and your bffs (see: best friend for show) break up and you need someone to fill the void--post haste
and for very cheap!"

"..also she likes the same pretentious indie/dance bands, and is a superficial fashion obsessed bitch too...go figure. They should've been besties from the start"

Socialite #1
"yeah..well...we hate people who remind us of ourselves."

Socialite #2
"true indeed, mate...but it's mostly self-loathing F'kin hipsters. *swigs from a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon*"

Socialite #1
"rightly said. btw....aren't we american?"
by madaoxsama February 12, 2010
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