A virtual contact, friend, colleague or passive connection that join all your social networks (Facebook, Myspace, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Digg, Stumbleupon and Google+) and comments, likes, plus one or shares all your posts regardless of rhyme or reason.

These individuals are every where you turn and tend to be individuals you have never met before. They formulate opinions based on everything in your life. They begin to live vicariously through you.

Be careful
My social media stalker has commented on my last ten Google + posts and the last 15 posts on Facebook.
by recruiterpoet April 08, 2012
Top Definition
A new twist on those who obsessively follow someone who is not interested in a relationship. Wherever the victim goes and whatever the victim does in the world of social media, the Social Media Stalker is there.
Jadine: He comments on every Facebook status update, photo, and post. And now he's on Twitter, obsessively responding to my every Tweet. I know he'll find me on MySpace any day now. HELLO: I am NOT interested, dude.

Serena: Sounds like you've got more than just a facebook stalker. Sounds like a full-out Social Media Stalker.
by SocialMediaFox May 09, 2009
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