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The act of using Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter hours a day, in the name of being more social, at the expense of actually being social.
You don't have any friends.

Yes, I do, I have 300 friends on Facebook. I'm social.

No, that's social masturbation. Maybe you should go to a party or something.
by Dvorak Typist April 14, 2009
The act of masturbating through a chat interface with a partner whom you have met online. You can use text, video or voice chat.
"Christine, you are getting me so horny would you like to start a social masturbation session?"

"Sure Cameron, I want to feel your lips around my pussy."
by Brittaphile August 19, 2013
when two or more people are masturbating. this can be back- to-back, in the same room, same car, etc.
Cassidy and Mac participated in social masturbation last night
by Jejejejeja September 04, 2009