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Facebook user who wastes inordinate amount of time on Flash-based games. Such games typically have cute anime characters with huge eyes and tiny mouths/bodies.

Social gamers enjoy hours of useless tasks such as clicking endlessly to gain game points or "money" (such as coins, gold, jewels, etc.). They even spend real money on non-real (digital) game objects such as pink tractors or green polka-dotted pets.

Social gamers seem also to delight in annoying the heck out of non-gamer Facebook users who get constantly bombarded with requests to help out with their farm, island, pet, etc. (Or maybe they're just totally unaware how much the constant requests annoy other users.)
Social gamers clutter up Facebook with lots of useless updates and requests.

Without social gamers a lot less time would be wasted on Facebook.
by Socialgamer July 29, 2010