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A person that speaks to his audience in a bias manner with the purpose to intrigue and captivate. The sole objection is to gain the attention and support of the group in order to infect them with his or her ideology. Usually, by successfully selling through or pitching his or her ideals and strategies in turn infected members then carry this ideology in a viral manner to the masses or population. The social evangelist, in hopes of reaping the rewards of the viral effect then creates or enlist a system and puts him or herself at the top in order to reap the most benefit, predominantly monetary.

The person will create a circa of close knit companions based on rewards, affection and attention. The audience or crowd is expected to grow in and exponential rate to capital gain. Giving the person validity in the form of material or monetary growth. Victims of this sort of negative scheme (schematic) are seen as targets, pigeons or just plain followers.

Much in the manner of Evangelist 2.0 they use internet start-ups and similar forms of mass media to present and harvest capital. Modern Social Evangelist are born of the internet boom and mid 2000 financial recession. As the need to convert digital products into assets became known as monetization.
The Social Evangelist walked about the video broadcast in order to present himself and his ideas to the captivated audience.
by Yadihi May 21, 2013
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